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Sleeping with a tiger? Why not!

Would you be willing to sleep with a tiger? This man seems to have no problem ...
Animals Tigers Wtf

An inspiring story --- A young female Bengali tiger gets a new lease on life!

Aasha is a Bengal tiger that before being rescued was owned by several traveling circuses. She was only nine months old when she had been captured to be trained and she would have died if Lady Luck had…

Tiger would like to drink from the dog's bowl

The tiger would like to drink water from the bowl but has to deal with the dog first !!
Animals Dogs Funny Tigers

Tiger and dog are best friends !!

A Royal Bengal Tiger, adopted by a family, plays with a little dog, his best friend
Animals Dogs Tigers

A leopard "attacks" from behind --- a man is unexpectedly saved

Accustomed to being in contact with these big cats, Eduardo Serio, a Mexican who is the founder of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, which protects big wild cats from smuggling, had not realized…

The tiger is frightened by a dog, he's the boss in the house !

You certainly can't blame this dog, who just arrived at home you and found a tiger. Although just a kitten, it already strikes some concern, and for now the dog keeps him at a distance... for now!

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