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Tiger would like to drink from the dog's bowl

The tiger would like to drink water from the bowl but has to deal with the dog first !!
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Sleeping with a tiger? Why not!

Would you be willing to sleep with a tiger? This man seems to have no problem ...
Animals Tigers Wtf

Tiger and dog are best friends !!

A Royal Bengal Tiger, adopted by a family, plays with a little dog, his best friend
Animals Dogs Tigers

A monkey, two tigers and a wolf: here's the most spectacular "fight" you've ever seen!

Among the cute videos from the web, those in which different animals seem to build unexpectedly deep relationships, can't be left out. This is the case of this video, in which a monkey, two tigers and…

Every day this orangutan comes down from the trees for a SPECIAL reason

This video was filmed at the Myrtle Beach Society in Cincinnati, starring an orangutan and some tireless tiger cubs. The primate, who normally would spend 90% of the day on the trees, usually comes down…
Animals Monkeys Tigers Wtf

The tiger is frightened by a dog, he's the boss in the house !

You certainly can't blame this dog, who just arrived at home you and found a tiger. Although just a kitten, it already strikes some concern, and for now the dog keeps him at a distance... for now!

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