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Video Of Motors

Crazy rider touches the road with his head without falling

On the track, at full speed, a rider touches the road with his head ... Please don't try this..EVER!
Follies Motorbike Motors Wtf

I'm not gonna give up !!

A tractor driver doesn't want to stay stuck in the river .. Let's see if he manages to get out !!

From the outside it looks like just a big truck, but as soon as you press a button, EVERYTHING changes

With a cost of around 2 and a half million dollars, this gem of luxury and technology accompanied the star Will Smith for some of his work. This unique truck is in fact designed to offer all the comfort…
Motors Wtf

Ken Block - Need For Speed

The last performance of Ken Block for the game Need For Speed ​​...
Cars Drift Motors Sport

Dubai Police with supercars !

Law enforcement Dubai police is composed of about 15,000 people who also use luxury and extremely fast cars such as the Corvette Camaro, Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF.
Cars Motors

Here's one of the most fascinating videos on fighter jets ever produced

The video you see is a tribute to the Air Force created using the beautiful images from the French movie Sky Fighters (2005) and as soundtrack the piece by Thirteen Senses, "Into the Fire".

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