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Video Of Motors

Who wouldn't want one of these !?

A vehicle with no limits: the Gibbs Quadski is an amphibious vehicle launched in 2012 that combines the features of a quadricycle with those of a jetski.

Ken Block: when perfection travels on four wheels

For those who still don't know him, he is an extraordinary pilot, Ken Block. In this video he shows us his undoubted talent in the streets of San Francisco
Cars Drift Motors Rally Spectacular

Volvo Terror Tractor

A modified Volvo tractor seems to have the same performance of a rally car ...
Motors Rally Wtf

World record for distance jump with a car

The longest jump ever made with a car ... Very impressive!
Cars Jumps Motors Record

A man buys an old engine on ebay and what he does is a real MIRACLE !

When the engine of his car abandoned him, this man decided to try the impossible by buying an old engine on ebay and bringing it back to life after 11 long months of work. Over 3,000 photographs show…

Possibly the fastest Go Kart I've ever seen !!

JDX Fabrications presents this impressive prototype: a go kart with the extremely powerful Honda engine CBR 900RR.

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