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Video Of Motors

Lexus has REALLY created a FLYING skateboard . Here's how it works

For several months now the scientific community has turned its attention towards Lexus, after its statements about the creation of a hoverboard. And after some videos smoky and of dubious reality, here…

They organize a race between a Ferrari and an old Passat: the result will surprise you!

There are some car that make you think of speed, thrill, and adrenaline just by naming them, while sometimes underestimating others. In this case a Ferrari 458 races with a "family" car, the Volkswagen…
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They send text messages while driving: they won't easily forget what happens shortly after

Too many accidents every day are due to the absurd habit of using the phone while driving, but apparently this is not enough to convince people not to do it. Therefore, a Belgian driving school decided…

The most LUXURIOUS camper in the world has been sold in Dubai: more than 2 million dollars of splendor

It's called eleMMent Palace and went on sale in luxury Dubai, for over $ 2 million. Its futuristic design the stunning interior, is finished in every detail. It also has a 40-inch TV, a bar, a bedroom…
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Surely you've never seen a flying TRUCK .... at least until TODAY!

Within the extreme acts involving cars, this video is placed at another level. Instead of doing acrobatics with motorcycles or cars at most, this pilot flies with a truck. The effect in seeing it flying…

From the outside it looks like just a big truck, but as soon as you press a button, EVERYTHING changes

With a cost of around 2 and a half million dollars, this gem of luxury and technology accompanied the star Will Smith for some of his work. This unique truck is in fact designed to offer all the comfort…
Motors Wtf

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