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Video Of Motors

The wheels hide a clever feature --- watch them in action . . .

Have you ever been in trouble trying to perform a maneuver with a vehicle in a small space? Unfortunately, traditional wheels do not make it easy for drivers to change direction as they require a minimum…
Motors Wtf

This bus eliminates traffic jams by "straddling" cars!? --- Discover how!

When a city is congested with heavy traffic, buses are often the means of transportation that are most often blamed for traffic jams! Unfortunately, this is true, because buses increase the number of…

The motorcycle being filmed is completely DIFFERENT from everything seen so far!

Both motorcycle lovers and those who are not particularly fond of the powerful two-wheeled vehicles will agree that this motorcycle is one of the most original of all time! In fact, this video, introduces…

An armored tank falls into a pit ... The solution to getting it out is ... POWERFUL!

If you think that the size and weight of a tank are limits to its agility and versatility, then you are wrong! A tank is a very powerful means of transport, defense, and attack that can be devastating.…
Motors Wtf

This vehicle costs $ 6 million. The reason? You just have to press a button ...

Often we tend to think that the larger vehicles have necessarily a higher price, but when it comes to super-equipped vehicles the details determine the cost. What you see for example is the Ford F750…
Motors Wtf

One of the largest tractors in the world is at work ... and the crowd gathers to admire it

This amazing machine that you see is called Big Bud (the name says it all) and was among the first to implement some features of the machines used in mines, to boost agricultural work. With 12 wheels…

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