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"Bazooka" Vespa! Here is the Piaggio scooter model that could take out armored tanks!

Among the many famous Italian brands, the Vespa scooter is certainly one of the best-known!  However, if you are not a scooter fan, then this particular model may have escaped your attention. Nevertheless,…
History Italy Motors

A $2 million caravan? Look inside and you'll understand why it's worth it!

The idea is from Volkner Mobil, a German company that has designed a luxurious and spacious caravan that will make you consider four-wheeled trips as never before. If you step into a "Performance S",…

Innovative traffic solution saves lives in India!

Imagine driving on a road in your car when suddenly you are faced with a crosswalk so high that the zebra stripes seem to float in the air! What would you do? Probably, if you do not want to destroy your…

A dream come true! This motorbike can do it all!

Bike lovers, now you no longer have to consider the idea of being able to switch from land to water with the same vehicle as something crazy or impossible! Now a means of transport that allows this fantastic experience…

101- year-old Harley Davidson biker celebrates his birthday!

On veteran Ray Weser's next birthday he will be 102 years old and he has only one desire! Yes, he only wants to climb on to his beloved Harley-Davidson and to take one last ride, before it is too late. …

An unfortunate lady driver --- ends up on top of a $400,000 FERRARI

When it comes to being behind the wheel, anyone can be distracted for a moment and make a maneuver that they very quickly regret! In most cases, however, when this occurs nothing happens so there is no…
Fail Motors

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