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When prestige overcome reality

The amazing Dave Cremin performs an impossible card trick in Times Square (New York).

Here are the skills that are hidden behind the six most famous magic tricks!

Have you too, while watching TV, ever wondered how the magician was able to cut a woman in half in the "magic box"? Have you been able to figure out how it is possible for a pencil to pass through a banknote…

You can watch this video a million times but you still won't understand how this is possible

No wonder that the magician Liu Qian is one of the most famous ones in Asia: his trick with coins will make you run out of words. An explanation of course there is, but ... HOW does he do it?!?!?

A spell for our friends .. dogs!

Do dogs react to a spell? The proof of the magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen gets rid of food under their noses.
Animals Dogs Magic

Imagine if toys began to walk? Here's the crazy video!!

Criss asks customers in a toy store to pick some dolls from the shelves. Shortly after, the unbelievable happens. The teddy walks and falls on command.

Four matches and one move makes one square!? A Magic Trick?!

This is one of those so-called "bar tricks", as is done with readily available material and without too much effort. It is, however, a real brain teaser, for anyone being challenged to solve the puzzle! The…
Funny Magic Tricks

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