A Pokémon Go ---Magic Card Trick! Check…
A carousel of great hacks! Not to be missed! These fighting dogs bark ferociously until ...

A Pokémon Go ---Magic Card Trick! Check this out!

April 23, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It looks like a normal video, that puts the viewer's powers of observation to the test with this famous 3-card shell game! However, after some card shuffling and demonstrations there comes a point when the magician reveals that the real trick is to use a ... Ditto!

In fact, he explains, that under the third card, hides a Pokémon Ditto, which is a famous Pokémon character that stands out for its ability to copy an opponent's moves, or even to acquire the same form as its opponent.  

This is most definitely a magic card trick explanation that was totally unexpected but nevertheless....very cute!  ;)

Tags: MagicTricksCards


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