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Video Magic

A man rips up the sign of a homeless guy, but what he's about to do, will make him smile!

The YouTuber Rob Anderson shows us one of his tricks by taking as object a homless man's sign. At first he rips it up, but soon he'll give him a lovely surprise. It would be nice if create money...was…

This girl thinks its a normal magic trick, but she'll receive an emotional surprise

Julia and Brian Woodburn both lend service in the US Army, and have spent long months away from home. Upon return, they wanted to take advantage of this educational initiative to "appear" in fornt of…

This magician pulls out a Rubik's Cube: what he's capable of doing will make you jump out of your seat!

The ability to perform magic tricks with the Rubik's cube, also known as "cubing", requires a deep knowledge of this object. The emerging magician, Steven Brundage, is able to solve the puzzle in about…

People get in the elevator ... but what this man does is "EVIL" !

As if the elevator wasn't a fairly claustrophobic and uncomfortable place for many, the magician Andy Gross wanted to add a little thrill to the "journey" of these people. His makeup, can only make them…
Funny Magic Wtf

Imagine if toys began to walk? Here's the crazy video!!

Criss asks customers in a toy store to pick some dolls from the shelves. Shortly after, the unbelievable happens. The teddy walks and falls on command.

You can watch this video a million times but you still won't understand how this is possible

No wonder that the magician Liu Qian is one of the most famous ones in Asia: his trick with coins will make you run out of words. An explanation of course there is, but ... HOW does he do it?!?!?

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