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A very original indian knife

An ultramodern product of technology: in a market in India a man shows an interesting knife that allows you to easily peel, slice, cut and free the imagination with some vegetable design.

even the most experienced of driver would go crazy on Indian roads

People crossing without rules, jumping down from a running bus or just standing in the middle of the road; hundreds of scooters flocking every corner; all types of cars trying to cross the intersection…
India Traffic Wtf

Happy family in motion!

A nice walk with the bike in India, for the whole family! And it doesn't seem right to leave the dog at home all alone ...
India Wtf

Innovative traffic solution saves lives in India!

Imagine driving on a road in your car when suddenly you are faced with a crosswalk so high that the zebra stripes seem to float in the air! What would you do? Probably, if you do not want to destroy your…

Here is why this bar had to build a labyrinth at its exit to avoid being closed down!

Sometimes it seems that laws issued by the government do not serve to simplify or improve the lives of citizens but to make their lives even more complicated. Perhaps because of inadequate research,…

This monkey has adopted a stray dog, and the way he treats it surpasses all imagination!

Imprinting is a powerful phenomenon, with decisive implications, which in the case of a monkey and a puppy dog is decidedly impressive, especially because it has reversed the roles.  In fact, this story…
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