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Insane motocross jump !

The stuntman Antti Pendikainen wasn't happy with the usual jumps with his bike, and wanted to add parachuting and diving into his next thrilling attempt: he jumps from 40 meters in the forest landing…

Pure madness at the RedBull Valparaiso 2014

A video clip, made ​​with the GoPro, of the Redbull Valparaiso 2014 event show the crazy downhills which are now very famous for being dangerous.

Breathtaking descent between the Austrian alps

In Austria there is this fantastic pastime. Would you have the courage to take a ride without brakes?

If you're in the mood for a great show, don't miss this extreme sport for real ninjas!!

A compilation of incredible trampoline jumps signed by the great Christophe Hamel...This is AMAZING!

An amazing climbing adventure

A rather frightening, but certainly exciting experience for these two girls who have ventured on one of the most dangerous routes in the world, the Vast Sky Plank Walk on Mount Hua in China: between improvised…


Not everyone can fly ... They can!!

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