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The most insane urban downhill

Definitely a route full of emotions: winding track, steep steps, huge jumps, high speed driving, all surrounded by a large crowd which gathered along the edges of the path. All of this is the Red Bull…

One of the most absurd and dangerous situations you've ever seen

The people around the runway of the airport of Skiathos, Greece, seem to enjoy the thrill of hearing a huge mass of metal move a few feet from their head and to be thrown away by the jetblast. Along Princess…
Curious Follies Planes Wtf

The crazier water slide

Here it is the extreme jump from the water slide ...

A Jump full of adrenaline from 200 meters

Mike Wilson and Andrew Kirkpatrick went to South Africa looking for the best place in order to fulfill their insane plan: the "rope swing bungee jump." They jump from 200 meters only tied with a rope…

A path that only a few would cycle

Three friends, a shared passion for cycling, the one at the back has a camera on his helmet. The path they go through will leave you on the edge all the way.
Bicycle Follies Sport Wtf

Crazy rider touches the road with his head without falling

On the track, at full speed, a rider touches the road with his head ... Please don't try this..EVER!
Follies Motorbike Motors Wtf

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