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Here's what happens when you mess with a tornado!

The absurd "mission" of this guy to take a picture inside the tornado ends in the only way possible: you can't challenge the power of nature, unless you are willing to risk your life for a selfie.
Follies Wtf

This guy must be insane crossing a road like this !

Great skill worthy of Mission Impossible, we have to admit it. Fortunately it ends well for this crazy guy and for the unlucky motorists who have become his "play ground".

This man takes his car out of the garage but a few seconds later it's HELL !!

From we can see in the video, it's clearly not a good time for a ride in the car in Bashkortostan (Russia). As soon as the driver pulls the car out of the garage, a powerfull tornado starts, destroying…

Have you ever seen anyone feed a crocodile as if it was a dog?

This fearless Costa Rican boy must have a deep knowledge of crocodiles and their movements, since no one would be so foolish to do something like this.

The craziest driving you've ever seen: pure MADNESS!

Enjoy the reckless racing through the streets of Ensenada (Mexico) with his crazy BJ Baldwin Trophy Truck.

If you're in the mood for a great show, don't miss this extreme sport for real ninjas!!

A compilation of incredible trampoline jumps signed by the great Christophe Hamel...This is AMAZING!

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