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Shut your mouth and go back in the water !!

The now famous scene of the lion that growls against the crocodile. The lion intimidates the rival and forces him to get back into the river. Maybe it's because the roar so fierce that the lion became…

Cat vs alligator: who will win?

Here is the bravest cat in the world, or maybe just the craziest. In front of a hungry alligator Its reaction is anything but submissive, getting the stronger opponent to back up.

Biggest crocodile in the world doesn't give up !

Possibly the world's biggest crocodile is captured, and as expected it doesn't give up too easily, sowing an understandable panic among the crowd.

This tourist chased by a massive crocodile will keep you on the edge of your chair !

Never venture into unknown waters without first being informed about what they can hide! This tourist decides to go out for a swim in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) without knowing that a 3 and a half meter…

Have you ever seen anyone feed a crocodile as if it was a dog?

This fearless Costa Rican boy must have a deep knowledge of crocodiles and their movements, since no one would be so foolish to do something like this.

A horse lets an alligator know who is the boss!

After centuries of domestication, we are accustomed to thinking of horses as barnyard animals ready to help us in our activities or to give us moments of leisure. We should not forget that in them still…

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