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A little cat challenges a lion and lives to tell the tale! lol

At the animal shelter called "Big Cat Derek" for felines, the animals, large and small, are used to the presence of humans, but encountering other animals can give rise to surprises. As a matter of fact,…
Cats Challenge Lions

Sometimes the answer is right there in front of you! ;)

Try to repeat with your friends or family the challenge that you are going to see in the video. Participants must take a peanut (or any small object) out from the bottom of a tall narrow container without…

When it comes to push ups ... this girl is definitely no pushover! :)

He might just be only a cadet, but in a push ups challenge between a boy and a girl, usually the boy would be expected to win. Well, in this case not only do things not go well for the cadet, but the…

See what Parkinson's disease means for these people ...

For some months now the latest fad and what has been all the rage on the Internet is the so-called "mannequin challenge"! This is a game "challenge" or an attempt to remain motionless for several seconds…

Two cars engage in a speed challenge --- but the surprise is the THIRD vehicle. . .

The driver of a modified Nissan pulls out onto the highway at full speed and does not miss an opportunity to challenge the owner of a Porsche which is, of course, the sports car par excellence, that…
Cars Challenge Funny

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