Man sees a woman forced to sit on the ground at a bus stop: he builds a bench for her

Many people love their neighborhoods and often get angry when there is something that does not work properly: at times, this can also cause us to want to intervene ourselves to fix things - but often,…

Come on! All aboard ..... the River Bus!

In Hamburg as well as in Rotterdam. Yes, now in both of these beautiful cities it is possible to experience a very unusual tour! In fact, passengers climb aboard what looks like a common tour bus, but…

Go sightseeing in Rotterdam in a new way -- with "bus boat" tours!

In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, you can take a very special tour. With their Boat Bus, in fact, the tour agency Splash Tours has made it possible to admire the beauty of the city not only by riding or…

He hits a bus seat with a mallet --- what comes out is totally . . . UNEXPECTED.

Is the first thing that you do when you get on a bus is look for a place to sit? Well, after watching this video, you will think twice before you sit down, at least in regards to those seats upholstered…
Bus City Incredible

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