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Cement, Flower Pots, And Fire?! ---…
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Cement, Flower Pots, And Fire?! --- Create A Great Outdoor Accessory!


Who does not like to bask in the warmth of a fire, both in winter and in summer? If you do not have a fireplace, then, a fire pit is the answer! Here is how to make one at home!

First, procure two plastic pots of different sizes, making sure that one can hold the other. Spread vegetable oil on the inside of the larger pot and on the outside of the smaller one. In a bucket, pour the contents of a 15 kg (33 lb) bag of quick-setting cement and add water to obtain a pliable mixture. Pour this mixture into the larger pot and quickly place the small pot inside the larger one by pushing and applying pressure, with the aid of additional weights such as bricks or a container full of water.

After 12 hours, the cement fire pit will be completely formed and dry and if you have previously applied enough vegetable oil you can easily remove the fire pit from the plastic pot and smooth out any rough or sharp edges with a sanding block. Now all you need to do is fill it up with wood or lava rock and you can safely light your fire!

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