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With 10 Cuts On A Piece Of Wood, This…
A man walks through the crowd at the station, but a few seconds later ... It's SHOW time ! When this girl starts singing, the whole studio gets goosebumps...

With 10 Cuts On A Piece Of Wood, This Craftsman Creates Something Amazing

Lived in the early 1900s, Ernest "Mooney" Warther was one of the most famous carvers in history, to the point that they dedicated him an entire museum in Ohio (Warther Museum), visited each year by hundreds of people especially school kids. For every child who visits they are given, as gadgets, a pair of wood pliers, now a symbol of the Werther family. In this video, the son of Ernest, David Warther, shows us how you can create pliers by making 10 cuts on a simple piece of wood.
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March 05, 2014

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