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Is What You See.... Who You Are?!
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Is What You See.... Who You Are?!


Many personality or psychological tests are based on the analysis of the first impression a person processes in seeing an image and this test also works the same way.

Depending on what you first notice in the figure that we will show you, you will discover that part of your personality that has led you to see the image in that particular way.

So what do you see first, a woman bending over forward or a skull?

What do you see, a woman, or a skull?

1. A skull

If the first thing you saw in the image is a skull, it means that you have a great inner strength that always prepares you for the new challenges that arise in life.

You care very little about frivolous things and material objects. For you, your destiny is more important and to complete the tasks assigned to you. Your character is that of a leader.


2. A woman

Seeing a woman bending forward is a sign of inner weakness. It means that you are in a confusing situation and you do not have a clear path to follow, so, for this reason, you are closed in on yourself and are suspicious of others.

You are afraid of the consequences that will follow your decisions. The advice is to not fear change and to let go of people who complicate your life and make it stressful. Never change to try to please others and do not be afraid to be yourself. You are a very creative person, and you should exploit this quality to make yourself stronger and to have the courage to reinvent yourself! 

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