An Innovative 3D Shell Saves A Tortoise! -
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An Innovative 3D Shell Saves A Tortoise!
No matter what --- we must follow our hearts! Some parents are no match for their newborn babies!

An Innovative 3D Shell Saves A Tortoise!


Each job involves a certain amount of routine that in some cases can lead to a loss of passion for the work you do. However, occasionally, something happens that gives us such a great deal of satisfaction that it makes us remember why we chose that profession and not another.

An example of this is the casual encounter of this veterinarian who years ago had rescued and taken care of a North American turtle in the most ingenious way.

A veterinarian, who works at an Ohio veterinary clinic had a chance meeting that brought a smile of great satisfaction to his face.

"Several years ago, a man brought a turtle to our veterinary clinic that had been run over by a car. To repair the turtle's crushed shell, I used fiberglass and then I set it free. A few days ago, while I was hiking in the hillside near where I live, I saw something strange moving among the leaves. To my great surprise, I recognized my former patient, still protected by her new glass fiber shell! Sometimes being a veterinarian is really the most beautiful job in the world!"

Imagine how much satisfaction this man must have felt seeing that his invention had stood the test of time and had allowed the turtle to survive ... 

In the video below we share with you another similar rescue.

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