Landing This 747 Airplane Meant Trying To Avoid Hitting Rooftops! -
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Landing This 747 Airplane Meant Trying…
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Landing This 747 Airplane Meant Trying To Avoid Hitting Rooftops!


The Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong was built in 1925 and for a long time, it was a landing place where pilots really needed to know how to fly an airplane in order to land safely!

To land a 747 airplane on this perilous Hong Kong runway, we see in the video, that the pilot needed to make a series of delicate maneuvers at very low altitudes with dizzying angles to avoid hitting skyscrapers, high-rise apartment buildings, and even TV antennas!

By the way, the Kai Tak airport was closed in 1998 but for a long time it was an international airport with the world's busiest single runway  ...

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