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"Poisonous" people are the ones who…
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"Poisonous" people are the ones who manage to manipulate us behind the mask of kindness

By Alison Forde

Sometimes, the people we think are the kindest and most helpful towards us, are those who have the most poisonous tongues and do nothing but "give off" toxicity with their words and gestures. We must be very careful to recognize them, because in most cases, these toxic individuals are masters in wearing the mask of kindness and a (false) smile. And don't fool yourself: sometimes even close relatives and friends can prove to be poisonous people, even if it may seem surprising ...

 Behind their mask of close relatives, long time friends and faithful and loyal work colleagues, unscrupulous people are hiding who can turn their backs on you when you least expect them to, who manage to knock you down with their glacial and poisonous words, ready to use actions and words that you yourself said against you.

There is nothing wrong with cutting ties with people who are breaking you down and hurting you in your life, regardless of who those people are to you. Sometimes they can be some members of our family or very close friends, and in that case it could be much more difficult and painful to be able to cut that invisible bond that had always held you close ...

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The thing is, it doesn't matter if these poisonous people are your aunt, your cousin, your mother or your best friend; you should never allow anyone to blame you for things you have no control over and manipulate yourself to stay by their side despite their wickedness and selfishness towards you. Have the courage and strength to burn bridges with these people, although it will likely be very painful. 

Always remember: always do what's best for you because, at the end of the day, you are the only person who will truly be at your side once everything has been said and done; be there for you above all else.

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