The power of karma means what is destined for you will find a way to reach you -
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The power of karma means what is destined…
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The power of karma means what is destined for you will find a way to reach you

March 05, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Love, work, and life, often do not go in the direction we would like, and this makes us feel lost, disappointed and defeated as if nothing makes sense.

We try in every way to change the course of events that seem unchangeable, we fight against time and fate, but nevertheless, we end up with failure.

Even if we do not understand the logic, all this always happens for a reason, because what is destined for us will find a way to reach us.

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If things do not seem to go according to our plan, many times it is because that plan is wrong, and because there is a bigger and better one. The people that we love and believe will stay with us forever, disappear from one day to the next, the career that we have always dreamed about suddenly collapses or we find that we do not want it anymore. We pass from heaven to hell, from being on top of a mountain to the bottom of a ditch, we fall and then we get up again

We cannot have all the solutions at all times, often we only have trust and faith, confidence in ourselves and faith in a higher power that guides us without telling us exactly where we are going. Those who are no longer at our side have only left to make room for the right person, while a lost job will make room for new opportunities. It is normal to be sad, angry and frightened when we feel the rug pulled out from under our feet, but it only happens because something better is coming our way. 

Needless to pass the time drowning in our pain and guilt, thinking we were wrong and we made horrible mistakes because it is not so. In many circumstances, in life,  it is first necessary to lose oneself if you want to find yourself again. One must let oneself be carried away by the current, without pursuing what seems to want to distance itself from us. When we understand we do not have all the answers, we often start asking the right questions.

image: Unsplash

Destiny arrives when we least expect it, without an appointment, and not caring about our personal agenda. People, occasions, events, joys, novelties, discoveries, will all come at the right time when the energy that governs the universe feels that we are ready to receive them. What we curse because it makes us feel bad, often turns into a blessing. 

It is good to put all the effort possible into doing what we do, but we must not live in constant anxiety that everything must be perfect. What is written will manifest itself anyway. Sooner or later we will not only find the way, but the road will be able to find us.

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