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5 tips to avoid absorbing the negative…
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5 tips to avoid absorbing the negative energy of others

February 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

People who are part of our lives transmit positive or negative energy depending on their personality. Sometimes, it is not easy to recognize what kind of energy we are dealing with. 

This happens because we do not realize that we are absorbing the energy of the people we live with and this has consequences for our well-being.

That is why we want to show you five ways to stop absorbing negative energy from the complicated people around you.

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Do not get too involved. Many times, it happens that one of your dearest friends complains about their partner, asks for your help, tells you all the details of what is wrong with their relationship. You listen, advice, you are bending over backward to relieve them of their discomfort ... and then the next day the two reconcile --- and go on as if nothing has happened. 

Learn to listen and comfort your loved ones but without getting too involved in their situations and emotions. Do not let yourself be infected by their negativity. 

Learn to understand if they only seek attention. When someone shares a problem with you, it should be because they really have a problem. But many times, people complain about something just to get attention and play the victim. 

This type of person is very harmful because they will always have something to complain about. When they want to talk to you to let off steam, they unconsciously transmit their negative energy. No matter how much you listen to them and advise them, they will never solve their problems and will always have new ones. 

Refuse to listen. This is not about selfishness or lack of empathy, but about putting one's own well-being first. If you have already realized that a person only talks to you to let off steam but does nothing to resolve the situations they are complaining about, then just refuses to listen --- you will also send them a message.

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Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid relating only to people who constantly complain and have new reasons to be unhappy. Your empathy and good vibrations can become like a magnet for them, but you must learn to set limits and boundaries. 

Try to cultivate friendships and relationships with positive and optimistic people, surround yourself with people who can see the beauty of life and who share more joys than sorrows and problems. 

Do not forget about yourself and your own well-being. Many people fear loneliness, but it is necessary to feel good about themselves, to get to know oneself better and to recognize one's emotional needs. 

Dedicating yourself only to yourself, far from the complaints and tragedies of others, is the way to pamper your body and mind --- and to regenerate and feel good emotionally. 

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