Bad people, sooner or later, always lose their mask of goodness -
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Bad people, sooner or later, always…
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Bad people, sooner or later, always lose their mask of goodness


Once upon a timethere was a wolf who dressed up as a lamb, as Aesop narrates in his story. And likewise, there are people with a cruel heart who disguise themselves under a cloak of false goodness.

These are manipulative individuals who use emotional blackmail disguised as good deeds to arouse in others submission and feelings of guilt.

In life, we must know how to recognize and remove from our lives, those people who present themselves wearing a disguise to fulfill a hidden agenda, to our disadvantage.

Evil exists, it is an aspect of human nature and each of us has known in our life at least one bad person. In some cases, aggressive attitudes are influenced by genetics, but the ultimate goal is to make sure that these people do not acquire the power to influence our lives. 

  • How to recognize and defend oneself against camouflaged cruelty. 

In everyday life, it is not unusual to deal with people who attack us emotionally, by using false good behavior, emotional manipulation, and mind games to double-cross us. At stake is our well-being and we need to defend ourselves from the "soul-sucking" people. Here is how to do it.

  • Learn to avoid cruel people. 

There is a common pattern that evil people use to enter our lives: 

1. They use lies to get close to you: Nice words, noble promises that, however, are used for the sole purpose of controlling and manipulating you. 

2. Soon you will get the feeling that you are being forced to be submissive and that you are at the complete mercy of this unscrupulous individual. The veil that is on your eyes will fall and you will begin to see the individual for what they really are. 


Once these mechanisms are recognized, the only thing to do is get that person out of your life. It matters little if it is a close relative or a friend. 

We have to find in ourselves the strength to break the toxic cycle of control and aggression of which we are victims, by avoiding these people and distancing ourselves definitively.

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