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Whenever you feel sad or burnt out,…
People who do not have their own lives tend to talk about the lives of others Wherever you cannot be yourself, it is better not to be there

Whenever you feel sad or burnt out, repeat these 6 phrases to feel their healing power


Life is by no means all downhill, but it is inevitable to encounter obstacles that seem increasingly difficult to overcome as we progress in life - which is why we sometimes feel we have depleted every resource necessary to overcome them, and exhausted, we are forced to stop. 

However, we know that this is only a pause to regain energy and resume the journey. To recharge ourselves, we must nourish our inner strength with massive doses of positivity, which are able to increase our levels of trust and self-esteem. 

Here are some phrases that are useful to repeat to ourselves, to augment our mental and spiritual energies so that we can resume pursuing our goals.

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  • 1. "I WANT TO DO IT". We have a clear objective and we are determined to achieve it. In fact, "to want" means precisely that we are willing to put all our efforts into achieving the goal because we recognize our skills and abilities and we know that we can succeed. 
  • 2. 'I CAN DO IT". This positive thought reaffirms the concept implied in the first phase, that is: I have all the right credentials to succeed in my goal. Overcoming difficulties knowing that you have the necessary tools will be easier than you think.
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  • 3. "ALL THINGS PASS". This is an absolute truth, although it can be hard to accept. Not everything depends on us, so once we are aware of our abilities and commitment, we must realize that, if we can not overcome a problem, it could with time just go away on its own, or change, transforming itself. Thinking in this way means having a positive attitude toward life, and helps to look with confidence to the future without losing heart. 
  • 4. "I DESERVE IT". This thought allows us to recognize our own virtues and our strengths, as well as our efforts and all the progress made up to that moment. And it is a powerful catalyst that encourages us to continue, confident in a brighter tomorrow.
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5. "I LOVE LIFE". Although the difficulties before us may appear great, we must remember that the prize is immeasurably greater, namely, to be happy and at peace with ourselves and others. Because when we realize our dreams, everything becomes more beautiful, making us love life even more - we just have to always remember this. 

6. "I AM A BEAUTIFUL PERSON". Recognize the truth in this thought! Sometimes we let ourselves be crushed by the negative criticism that other people express about us --- do not listen to them! Those who love us truly support us, because they know our qualities, our efforts, and all that we have gone through to get to where we are. Distance yourself from people who poison your life, causing you stress, and instead, surround yourself with those who love and appreciate you. And above all, love yourself, remembering how beautiful your soul is.

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