Dedicate your time only to those who deserve it, because you will never get that time back again -
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Dedicate your time only to those who…
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Dedicate your time only to those who deserve it, because you will never get that time back again


Time flows inexorably, but often we are not fully aware of its importance. "Lost time is never found again", and from this old proverb comes a reflection --- how many things do we do that end up making us "waste our time"?

How many times have we lavished our time and efforts on someone who, in the end, did not deserve it? Meanwhile, remember that all the time we spend unwisely can never be recovered! This is why it is important to learn how to invest our time intelligently.

We all have a bank, which is called TIME. Every morning this bank credits us with 86,400 seconds, and every evening it takes away the amount we have not invested in a good purpose. This bank does not keep a balance, nor does it allow reintegration.

Every day a new account is opened. Every night the day's balance is eliminated. If we do not use the deposited money, then, the loss is ours. We cannot go back. The time we dedicate to someone or ourselves must be lived as if it were an economic investment.

Time passes, but often we are not fully aware of its importance.

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Time cannot be converted into any currency because it is an inestimable asset that cannot be bought. The time that a friend dedicates to us, for example, has inestimable value. But we too, in the same way, need to pay attention to how we invest our time and to give it only to people who really appreciate it. 

Time is not to be taken for granted, it should be accepted as a gift. Unfortunately, we do not always adequately appreciate the time someone gives to us to solve our problems and we are guilty of being superficial. Of course, we must also not make the mistake of trying to force others to spend time with us. 

Whoever gives others their time, gives away a small portion of their life. Time can neither be begged nor bought or demanded. But we must also understand who we should dedicate our time to. Do all the people we know deserve this gift?

We must not share our life with those who do not appreciate our time.

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We must learn to be more protective and appreciative of our time. Accordingly, we do not share our time with those who do not really appreciate our presence but who are with us only for formality. 

Let's also distance ourselves from those who think in terms of "killing time", because no doubt, this is a negative person who does nothing particularly valuable with their time and consequently wants us to waste our time too. 

Charles Darwin said: "A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”  

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