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7 types of people that could have a…
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7 types of people that could have a negative effect on our mental health

December 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is not always easy to admit that we have people in our lives who greatly disturb, consciously or unconsciously, our emotional and psychological serenity.

Staying away from them is just as complicated, both because of what these individuals represent in our lives and due to our own mental state.

There are seven types of people who negatively affect our lives, making it difficult for us to live peacefully. Here are who and what they are.

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  •  1. The Unhappy: They constantly lament about their life and everything that they do, and no matter how much we try to find valid reasons to convince them of the contrary, we will not succeed. 
  • 2. The Manipulators: To achieve their goals, they will do and say anything, it is necessary to have the strength to cut any ties or connections that bind us to people of this type. 
  • 3. The Dramatic: Their constant exaggerated drama further weighs down our lives. 
  • 4. The Pessimists: Always being around negative people does not benefit our spirit, which can never be calm and serene in their presence.
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  • 5. The Nonconformists: They are the ones who say they accept us and love us for what we are, but in reality, they try to fill our heads with news and opinions that do not relate to us. In life, change is important, but change must come from within us and not from others. 
  • 6. The Rancorous: They never forget what happened in the past and continue to remind us of it at all times. 
  • 7. The Unaffectionate: Being around people like this is not easy because they are not able to respond to the love or affection that we want and give which makes us dissatisfied and unhappy

Although all of these types of people are very harmful to us personally, they are still individuals who, like us, live their existential dramas. Before cutting all ties with them, we should learn to listen to them and maybe we will not solve anything, but at least we can go away with our heads held high knowing that we have tried.

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