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10 possible signs that a person you…
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10 possible signs that a person you know is not who they say they are


It is difficult to identify the true nature of a person, this applies especially to deceitful people who most often wear a mask to look like something that in reality they are not.

However, it is never too late to notice, in time, the character traits, of people whose sole objective, is to use people for their own purposes even if this offends and hurts others.

The traits or signs that we are about to list here, are the classic behaviors that can be observed in a deceitful person ...

  • 1. They love to gossip: They are people who love to denigrate others, talk about them behind their backs, and, if necessary, to spread misleading rumors! These are the kind of people from whom it is best to stay away! 
  • 2. They have no friends --- only rivals: These people do not consider anyone as their friend, they only have accomplices or rivals. You can recognize a deceitful person by the ease with which they create situations of rivalry and competition.
  • 3. They want to be the center of attention: Whoever wears a mask of deceit is someone who loves always being at the center of attention even at the cost of inventing stories full of lies. 
  • 4. They ruin friendships: They will find a way to let you down and disappoint you through lies or resentment towards you. You absolutely cannot rely on these people! 
  • 5. They love to boast: Bragging about their successes is a way, like any other, to stay at the center of attention. 
  • 6. They always have an excuse ready: You will never be able to catch them in the wrong! They always have an excuse ready, be it real or invented.
  • 7. Words are their best weapon: When these people feel threatened or hurt, they insult, offend, and denigrate others with nasty and sharp words.
  • 8. They need to feel important: They must be the best in everything! Even if they do not have the right skills or they are not really up to the task, they will try to remove with underhanded methods anyone they consider to be a rival.
  • 9. With powerful people they are ingratiating: They have only one goal, which is to obtain advantages and benefits. That is why they make sure they stay close to powerful people to be able to take advantage of them.
  • 10. They always blame others: They never question their own point of view and always blame others. 

If you have noticed these characteristics in a person you know and who you consider as a "friend", our advice is to ascertain what their real nature is. It is always better to have a few but good friends rather than many "false" friends who will continue to act deceitfully and stand in your way!

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