Magnificent humpback whales frolic in the ocean! WoW!

Going hunting for sardines in the waters of the Indian Ocean is a job that requires long hours of waiting but for this group of sports fishermen, the wait was not hard to bear at all! In fact, the fishermen…

She goes out on a paddle board -- look what happens! Wow!

When you enter the water in places where the coasts are bathed by oceans there is always the fear of finding oneself face to face with a shark! Nevertheless, there are actually people like Viviana "Flute…

In a seemingly quiet little port in Alaska ---- there is a HUGE surprise!

If you live in a place like Alaska, you have to be a bit accustomed to the fact that nature often manifests its presence in unsettling ways and that often the sizes of the animals that you are dealing…
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A man is paddle boarding in open sea, but two giant friends are just under him ...

There are some experiences that can really change people's lives, and being in contact with the wonders of nature is one of them. A man goes off the coast of Australia to paddle board, and a drone that…
Animals Whales Wtf

While filming the ocean, at 0:08 they live a moment they'll never forget!

The Bay of Fundy is located between Maine and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and is a very special spot for whale watchers because in the bay pass through as many as 12 different…
Animals Whales Wtf

The incredible experience of riding a whale in a kayak!

This couple had gone out in a kayak off the coast of Argentina, when in the distance some whales emerge and the two decide to get closer to observe them. Suddenly, one of the huge whale swims toward them…

Mother whale lifts her calf out of the water for a closer enconter!

Along the Mexican coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, precisely at San Ignacio Lagoon, gray whales hold often back to take advantage of the calm and warm waters and to give birth. So, while it is prohibited…

Whale showing appreciation to its rescuers

In this video the largest mammal in the world, the whale, is in trouble because entangled in a net. With the help of a smallest mammal, the whale gets away from this difficult situation. Once free, the…

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