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Spectacular video of a tornado moving fast! ..... RUN! :)

A tornado is a violent vortex of air formed at the base of a cumulonimbus (a dense towering vertical cloud) created by water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents. This natural wonder is a highly…

The beauty of Spring --- displayed in these mesmerizing images!

A video that explains and illustrates all the life-generating power of spring! In order to make this time-lapse film, the author dedicated three years of time and hard work to filming different kinds…

"Coral Colors" - the colors of beauty captured in a mesmerizing video clip!

Corals and sea anemones are a particular animal class that in the Greek language is called an "animal-flower". These are small polyps that live in colonies and are one of the most spectacular nature shows…

Watch this unusual fungus "hatch" and grow ...

Fungi, in their immense range of shapes and colors, do not all have the same classic umbrella shape. In fact, some fungi may take on contours and colors that are very special and peculiar, such as in…

Watch an ordinary theater --- completely transformed in a two-minute time lapse ...

The concert halls in large and famous theaters serve more than one purpose, and often at the end of a show, theater technicians prepare the available spaces and areas in the theater for the following…

515 years in a few seconds --- The elevator ride in the third tallest skyscraper in the world is spectacular!

The One World Trade Center (OWTC) is the skyscraper that has been built on the site where the Twin Towers once stood!  In fact, it is from inside the OWTC during the elevator ride that people can admire…

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