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Video Spot

How to put makeup on in 10 seconds

are you in a hurry? Here is the right solution
Funny Spot Women

148 bikers and only two seats left in the their reactions!

An interesting advertisement by Carlsberg, in which innocent couples are placed in front of an audience of tattoos and leather jackets with only two free seats left in the center!

Evian Baby Dance Spot

The now famous Evian water spot, a very original gimmick!

In a quiet square in Belgium

To launch the new television programme, TNT invents an advertising quite original ...

A bear appears suddenly from the forest ...

But don't worry everything is prepared ... This is the funny Samsung advertising

Dear Kitten: a welcome letter from an older and wiser cat

This funny commercial ad by friskies shows an older cat "reading" a welcome letter to a new kitten. Secrets are shared and important advises are given to hide from enemies!!! Don't miss it !
Cats Cute Spot

Not to be missed

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