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A puppy runs away from home ... his adventure will make you cry!

The ads by Budweiser for the Super Bowl have become famous in recent years for being highly emotional. Undisputed protagonists are the animals, and in this case with an unusual friendship, demonstrating…
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While they're having breakfast, the doorbell rings, but is not what you expect!

This ad is part of a trilogy starring Harvey the dog and has the purpose to show the power of advertising in TV. In all the episodes in fact, the small dog convinces his owner to do what he wants thanks…
Animals Cute Dogs Spot

A room is filled with mousetraps, but as soon as the first one goes off...

Relying on the HarrimanSteel agency for the creation of this video, Pepsi wanted to find an original way to wish a happy 2014 to its consumers. Once they placed very carefully dozens of mousetraps topped…
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It may just seem a shampoo ad... but as soon as the train arrives a very important message is delivered !

This amazing fundraising campaign by the Swedish cancer research, really leaves you speechless. Inspired by a shampoo ad, they created their own version: at first people look amused, but then are placed…

They put their phones on the table and press play ... simply WONDERFUL!

It's going viral the video of the song "Knock Knock" by Brunettes Shoot Blondes, a Ukrainian group formed in 2010 and began to appear on the European stage in 2014. The wonderful animation is played simultaneously…

Watch this video and you'll think twice before drink driving !

This is the campaign by Budweiser against drink driving: alongside many adverts where the emphasis is on the driver, this time the protagonist his a dog (and, in general, all friends and family). If you…
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