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They don't accept him because he's too small, but his friend's solution is phenomenal!

To promote its services known around the world in an original and funny way, Amazon decided to ride (it's appropriate to say) one of the most popular trends from the people of the web: the animals, especially…

A man lives alone on the moon: here's the video that's moving the world

How many times we show our feelings to the people we love? If we don't enough, Christmas might be a good opportunity to remedy. This is the message of the moving ad by John Lewis for 2015. The story is…

It all starts with a chewing gum: here's a very emotional love story

The mechanisms by which advertising campaigns are trying to leave an impression in people's mind are many and various. Sometimes they try to shock the audience, sometimes to provoke it. This brand of…

6 men sit together in THE DARK. When the lights come on, the truth leaves them stunned !

Studies reveal that it takes about 7 seconds to build a prejudice based ONLY on appearance. For this, six men of different social backgrounds and lifestyles are invited to a breakfast in the dark. During…

This Dog Has Some Money In It's Mouth: The Reason Why, Will Make You Smile!

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wanted to focus it’s campaign in favor of neutering and spaying pets through a funny but important message: You can’t certainly teach your dog…
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It 'a matter of skin !

At first glance, a guy with no special signs, but look what happens after a quick scrub!

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