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Video Soldiers

It may seem a normal obstacle race, but it's a lot more than what you think!

The race you see was filmed in Chile and is part of an intense military training. Other than the usual obstacles here are a number of difficoult exercises that would put a strain on even the most trained…

24 soldiers are in position : their performance is FLAWLESS

In this video you can admire in all its charm the long tradition of military parades in the US Marine Corps. Precisely and without any missteps, these highly trained men enchant the audience with a show…

A soldier returns home after six months: here's how he meets his 6 CHILDREN!

Being away from home can be a painful experience, especially if you have six children who love you and look forward to seeing you. After having a two-week leave this man decided not to tell anyone of…

A soldier returns home after months: someone greets him in an EXPLOSIVE way

For a soldier, but also for anyone who is forced to travel long distances for work, coming home is always an exciting moment, which can be even more intense if there is someone in the next room ready…

Soldier Returning From Afghanistan Organises an original Surprise For His Family

After many months spent in Afghanistan, a soldier was discharged a few weeks ago and decided to make a nice surprise to his family. He pops out of the water at the beach and meets them in a very singular…

Dogs welcome the return of their soldiers

People would not do the same thing, the affection of dogs is something indescribable ...

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