Slow motion flight of a ladybug ... mesmerizing!

Almost everyone in this world has a fondness for ladybugs, both because they are undeniably cute, and because they are said to bring good luck to the person on which they land. When this happens, we try…

Captivating slow-motion images of free-falling water balloons!

We all engaged in water balloon fights when we were kids! However, in this video, we get another perspective on what happens to plastic when it is filled with a liquid such as water and dropped on a…

The explosion of a giant balloon in slow motion !

Balloons are among the most fascinating objects if you have the possibility to film them in slow motion while they explode. These two guys are having fun looking for the exact moment when this giant balloon…

A spectacular Time-Lapse Compilation

A true professional time-lapse. These fantastic pictures were taken in various picturesque locations such as mountain El Teide in the Canary Islands or the Sahara Desert, and documenting various atmospheric…

How a dog drinks in Slow Motion .. INCREDIBLE!

Drinking water from a glass is very simple, but have you ever thought how difficult it can be for a dog? In this video you will discover their secret!

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