Giethoorn --- a Dutch village with only waterways and no streets!

Walking along the streets of Giethoorn (Holland) you will be seriously tempted to believe that you are living in a dream come true, one made of beautiful plants, crystal clear streams, and cottages that…

Beautiful Dutch flower fields in the Netherlands!

It would be great to take a plane and fly to the Netherlands and soar over the spectacular Keukenhof Gardens! Flying over the gardens you would discover the stunning beauty of the cultivated fields of…

Go sightseeing in Rotterdam in a new way -- with "bus boat" tours!

In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, you can take a very special tour. With their Boat Bus, in fact, the tour agency Splash Tours has made it possible to admire the beauty of the city not only by riding or…

The emotional tribute for the 193 dutch victims who were traveling on Malaysia Airlines flight 17

The moment when the 193 victims drive pass on the motorway, becomes a tribute for those who died in this absurd incident.

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