Who pretends engine failure just to propose? He does!

What this girl heard is one of the most frightening phrases in the world! In fact, while flying in a light aircraft, her boyfriend, who was flying the plane, tells her that he has lost control of the…

An Optical Illusion?! Or is this helicopter floating in the air?

While watching this video, at first it is possible that you will be a bit confused. What is going on? How does the helicopter continue to stay in the air and fly if the blades do not rotate? This is an…

Incredible helicopter doing a 360° back flip

A stunning demonstration of the remarkable ability of this helicopter. It's a lynx and will hopefully be used only for these acrobatic shows !

Landing with the sea in storm

This video shows a landing conducted during a pilot test in rough seas. The landing of helicopters on board of the ships is extremely complicated, in part because of the difficulty landing on a mobile…

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