A freaky drone actually changes light bulbs!? Wow!

Probably none of you would ever think about using an unmanned small aircraft aka drone to change a light bulb! Right? Right! However, diehard fans of drones are fully capable of spending many hours and…

A mesmerizing view of an enormous lake spillway! Wow!

When the rains increase the water basin of Lake Berryessa, the largest in the county of Napa (California), it is possible to dispose of the excess water thanks to the enormous spillway realized by hydraulic…

Using a drone a shepherd films his gigantic flock of sheep; the result is HYPNOTIC....

Seen from above, the hundreds of sheep that make up this flock almost resemble ants. Just like ants, the sheep create some aesthetically hypnotic figures by moving quickly, side by side, running together…

It seems like a strange machine, but look what it can do!

Many directors in their futuristic films have distorted the common car imagining bizarre vehicles with two, three or one wheel. The invention shown in the video seems to be one of these means, but as…

They fly a drone over New York ... The images seem taken from a video game!

We've all seen documentaries or movies that are framed by the skyscrapers of Manhattan, but this video is on a whole new level! This drone makes a unique video of the Big Apple, leading to the discovery…

30 years after Chernobyl, here are the touching images of a ghost town !

In 1986, the 49 360 people who lived in the town of Pripyat were evacuated within 36 hours of the Chernobyl disaster, leaving behind them a ghost town. Here is the extraordinary footage shot with a drone…
Drones Exciting Wtf

A drone's incredible images passing through fireworks!

Enjoy these beautiful images captured by a drone. An unprecedented high-resolution video brings us into the heart of a fireworks display that will leave you speechless.

A drone capture an unusual event off the island of Maui

Captain Dave Anderson recently filmed and edited this 5 minute video with a drone in which appear hundreds of dolphins, gray whales and a humpback whale off the island of Maui. A beauty of nature of this…

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