A storm brings to light a settlement built 5000 years ago and here are the images of the "Scottish Pompeii"

History always re-emerges, sometimes by the work of a person who goes in search of it, and others only because perhaps the time had come for it to return to the light. In 1850, in Skaill Bay in the Orkney…

This 11,000-year-old temple could rewrite the entire history of the Stone Age

It is the oldest example of a stone temple ever found, in fact, it can be dated back to 9600 BC. Its discovery has literally upset everything that historians had thought to be certain regarding the origins…

The opening of the tomb of Tutankhamon! Now see those moments in COLOR!

Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun acceded to the throne and assumed his divine role when he was just 9 years of age and died nine years later when he was 18 years old. The discovery of his tomb has gone down…

Gaziantep, a city in Turkey with beautiful ancient mosaics!

In the modern day city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey, an extraordinary discovery has been made! Some archaeologists have brought to light three amazingly preserved mosaics from the ancient Greek civilization.…

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