Spouses use the money for their wedding to build a school for African children

When Taina Pessoa and Renato Marques, both originally from Brazil, decided to get married, they started making all the preparations for a traditional wedding: the church, the guests, the reception, the…

Houses made with plastic bottles offer a solution that is economical, anti-seismic, and ecological

Recycling is a noble activity, but in many cases, it is hard to make it something that everyone does. This is because perhaps, fortunately, it is still a choice for us, but for many people, recycling…

Once again Italian design is a winner!

A pair of architects, Arturo Vittori and his Swiss colleague Andreas Vogler have designed and built a modern cistern that can collect and store water in a very intelligent way.  It is obviously designed…

Watch Meg, the lioness hunt in a team!

Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, after developing a close relationship with a pride of lions, has earned the complete trust of one of its lionesses. This lioness, named Meg, even allows Richardson…
Africa Animals Lions

South Africa: The most exciting battle

In Africa, every day situations like this happen, but this time it's an open struggle between buffaloes, lions and crocodiles.

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