The 3 tips for happiness given by the oldest yoga teacher in the world

She has been called the "Forrest Gump of real life" due to the famous people that she has met in the course of her -- so far -- 100 years of life.  From Ernest Hemingway to Coco Chanel, from Martin…

AcroYoga has an asana for every occasion! :)

AcroYoga is a discipline that combines the ancient wisdom of yoga and Thai massage with the dynamics of acrobatic gymnastics. For this couple who have been practicing AcroYoga for some time, this discipline…
Love Tenders Yoga

98-year-old yoga instructor inspires us all!

Tao Porchon-Lynch is 98 years ago and since 1982  has practiced yoga! Perhaps this is the secret of her mental and physical youth.  Her muscle elasticity is such that it creates envy in even the most…

She starts with a simple yoga positions ... but what she does next is AMAZING

When they say that yoga is for everyone, they weren't referring to a lesson like this one. The contortionist in the video combines the positions of the Eastern practice to those of contortion reaching…
Sport Yoga

Funny cat interrups the yoga session !!

Cats are so used to being the protagonosts of the videos of their owners, that when they're not, they just can't get over it !
Cats Funny Yoga

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