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This mom turns a simple braid into a new hairstyle in just 5 seconds

The braid is very popular with girls, but also among adult women has never ceased to be fashionable. In this simple tutorial we show how a mom turns a simple braid into a lovely hairstyle.
Children DIY Hair Tricks Tutorial

Heating a room and spending only FEW CENTS a day? YES You can!

This interesting DIY heating method can be a very useful and economical way to heat small rooms: you will need only two clay pots of different diameters, a metal container and candles. Put four candles…

Did you know you can make chocolate cups using balloons? Check this out !

A nice idea for serving fruit salad or ice cream: here's how to create amazing original chocolate cups using a baloon. Your guests will be impressed !

She start by drawing an EYE on her cheekbones ... the end result is impressive !

Knowing how to use make up can allow you to transform your face significantly (especially when you've had a bad day ...) but it can also give you a chance to stun others with a surreal effect. In this…

WOW Look what happens when you covers a jar with leaves and glue !

Here's a nice idea to decorate your home with a touch of autumn: Take some nice dry leaves, stick them on a jar with clear glue, cover with gloss (found in DIY stores ), let it dry and you're ready to…

Create an optical illusion with makeup!

Mastering makeup tricks gives you the skills to conceal or highlight any facial feature! There are various types of makeup tricks, from those used to look 20 years younger, to those used in the making…

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