A close brush with Death! Distraction or a deliberate dare?!

The person who posted this video wrote: "This is the closest brush with death you can get!" He continues telling his story by saying: "I was driving my 18-wheeler truck at a speed of 90 km / h (56 m/h)…
Absurd Cars Truck

A huge truck during a delicate maneuver has an absurd accident!

To maneuver large trucks successfully takes a lot of experience and we know that delicate maneuvers should be done calmly and wisely. However, if you focus only on this, forgetting to also take into consideration…

What is this driver trying to do? When you will understand you will not believe your eyes

What you see in the video is an example of how creativity can help to achieve outstanding results even when there's little to be creative about. This driver has to put in the upright position some cotton…
Cute Truck Wtf

He couldn't explain what the rope around the wheel was for, but then ...

The person who recorded this video couldn't explain why there was a rope tied around the wheel of this truck. Shortly after, the explanation: if a truck this big doesn't start you certainly can't push…
Inventions Truck Wtf

The scariest Russian truck you'll ever see on the road !!

You can often find some very original vehicles, and sometimes downright frightening, as the truck in this video that seems to have come straight out of a horror movie!!
Russia Truck Wtf

How can they drive a huge truck on this road !!??

This road through the Norwegian mountains is called Trollstigen and is known for its incredibly tight bends. This, however, is not enough to stop the reckless truck drivers, who are able to go along it…

This brilliant driver makes an incredible U turn with a truck !

How to get out of a tight parking driving a tanker truck? Simple U turn. If everyone had the ability of this driver, our cities would be better places for sure.
Curious Truck Wtf

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