A childhood fantasy come true! Check it out!

Miniature trains and railways are among those classic toys with which children of different generations have always had fun!! The small wagons and rails that can be set up each time in a different way,…

One of the longest trains in the world!

Most of us only know the characteristics of passenger trains, but do you know how trains that transport goods look and how long they can be? We can give you a clear idea with this video! Just think that…

See how the Japanese make maximum use of space! :)

Speaking of the stressful lives that commuters must face daily touches on a very sore spot. As if the extra amount time needed to go work and return home from work were not enough we must also add the…

The snow on the rails is very high, but the power of this train is extraordinary

Being virtually unstoppable is one of the features that we all associate with a massive and heavy means of transport like the train and seeing these images we can only confirm the cliché. Filmed at Christchurch…

The tracks are covered with snow: but what happens next is EPIC !

This is what a train has to face if you are traveling in very cold regions of Canada. A layer of snow covers the tracks, but the huge convoy seems not to notice it , continuing its run with a spectacular…
Trains Wtf

How to catch a train in Bangladesh

To participate in the Bishwa Ijtema, the second largest Muslim gathering in the world after the Hajj, you will have to get to the station very early!

The train that passes through the market

Thailand, there is a market located right in the middle of the railroad, and every time the train arrives ...

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