Are people speeding thru your neighborhood? Here's a solution.....

Tired of seeing speeding cars and motorbikes going far beyond the speed limits in front of her house, Mrs. Jean Brooks of Nottingham has come up with a simple but very effective way to make the people…
Cars Traffic Tricks

One of the longest traffic jams in LA history!

Everywhere in the world, there is at least one metropolis that is so crowded that the "traffic" problem is taken for granted. However, on certain occasions, the need to travel by car can affect a number…
Absurd Traffic Usa

even the most experienced of driver would go crazy on Indian roads

People crossing without rules, jumping down from a running bus or just standing in the middle of the road; hundreds of scooters flocking every corner; all types of cars trying to cross the intersection…
India Traffic Wtf

Rush hour in Ho Chi Minh

Rush hour traffic in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). That's what traffic lights are for!
Cars Traffic Vietnam Wtf

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