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Video Thieves

She often stole money from the cash drawer and the shop owner teaches her a lesson by setting a mousetrap

Store thefts have definitely diminished - due to the ever-increasing security measures that store owners have adopted - but there are still people who continue to try to steal from unsuspecting shop owners.…

German police raise the alarm about a new stratagem used by thieves! Take a look!

Summer, the time for vacations! An opportunity to relax, replenish our energy, visit new places, and to break into houses. Yes, you have read that correctly! Just like clockwork, punctually at that time…

One little mistake by a thief and one big win for a MMA wrestler!

Here's the scenario: We are in an unspecified city in the UK and a thief goes into action in an indoor parking lot. Careful not to be seen by the passersby but perhaps ignorant of the security cameras,…

Instant Karma kicks in immediately and with a vengeance!

The images you see were taken from a surveillance camera in Fulham, England, and show a malicious person who literally cleans out an SUV car that is parked on the side of the road.  After exploring the…

A new way to steal your smartphone! Watch this!

A story broadcast on a Brazilian TV news channel shows one of the latest techniques that criminals have developed to steal smartphones! The technique is very effective and it will not take long before…

Two very clever shoplifters caught on camera!

We have to give an important message to all retailers! In many countries, a new technique of shoplifting is spreading that makes it possible to steal items from stores without the shopkeeper being aware…

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