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The little girl who directs the choir

A shot of a very determined little girl in conducting the choir

A pet bear

In russia among pets are also included brown bears.
Animals Bears Funny Russia

I'm not gonna give up !!

A tractor driver doesn't want to stay stuck in the river .. Let's see if he manages to get out !!

The scariest Russian truck you'll ever see on the road !!

You can often find some very original vehicles, and sometimes downright frightening, as the truck in this video that seems to have come straight out of a horror movie!!
Russia Truck Wtf

The Siberian hailstorm that anticipates the apocalypse

The shocking hailstorm phenomenon that occurred in Siberia. After the sudden drop in temperature from 40 to about 20 degrees, the wind picks up and big hailstones begin to fall from the sky like bullets.

Crossing a river in Russia !

In the absence of anything else, these men have come up with a really unusual way to cross the river using two excavators that lead them to their destination. Certainly original, fast and...maybe safe…

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