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A Russian fisherman photographs the strangest creatures he has found and what he shows looks like a horror film!

The city of Murmansk is a seaport on the Kola Bay (extreme north-west of European Russia), and it is on one of its trawlers that Roman Fedortsov works. The job that he has allows him to come into contact…

What is that "eye" in the sky?! Creepy .....

A giant floating eye? A flying saucer shrouded by clouds? More likely a strange atmospheric phenomenon, although some are already talking about inter-spatial intrigue. This strange phenomenon was seen…

The Russian winter will definitely give you the CHILLS! :))

There has never been a winter that has not put the Russian territory on its knees because of the sub-zero temperatures. Although, the inhabitants are equipped to deal with the winter months, the extreme…

See a "mystery car dent" explained!

Going to retrieve our car in the morning and finding it damaged is something that can make us feel very upset! However, thanks to the images captured by a video camera in the area, the owner of this car…

No one has yet managed to give an explanation for the mysterious gigantic crater in Siberia !

The giant crater that opened in Siberia has shocked the international scientific world and obviously it has gone viral on the web. While they're taking measurements of the enormous hole of almost 100…

Every day is an adventure in Russia ! Enjoy

A strange ride in this Russian city where drivers and people seem to be a little ... crazy!
Funny Russia Wtf

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